OpenShift Commons Gathering
San Francisco, California - co-located with ODSC/West

Where users, partners, customers, contributors and upstream project leads come together to collaborate and work together across the OpenShift Cloud Native ecosystem.

This event is now over! All of the presenations were recorded and are available on our Youtube channel in this playlist.

Event Overview

The OpenShift Commons Gathering will be held in San Francisco, California, co-located with ODSC/West and features guest speakers from across the AI/ML ecosystem.

The OpenShift Commons Gatherings bring together experts from all over the world to discuss container technologies, best practices for cloud native application developers and the open source software projects that underpin the OpenShift/Kubernetes ecosystem. The Bay Area event will focus on enabling Machine Learning and AI workloads on OpenShift and will feature guest speakers from across the AI/ML ecosystem and Red Hat. Also co-located at the Commons Gathering, the Red Hat UX Research team hosting a hands-on OpenShift UX Design workshop. Space is limited to 20 existing OpenShift users. To request an invite

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San Francisco, California - co-located with ODSC/West
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront


Monday October 28


Early Bird: 49 USD


Code of Conduct: We follow the Code of Conduct of other events such as KubeCon. Similarly we are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for participants at all of our events, whether they are held in person or virtually. All event participants, whether they are attending an in-person event or a virtual event, are expected to behave in accordance with professional standards, with both this Code of Conduct as well as their respective employer’s policies governing appropriate workplace behavior and applicable laws.

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9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Hands-On OpenShift UX Design Workshop - Space Limited
12:00 am
Panel: Building Kubernetes Operators for AI & ML Workloads - moderator: Sherard Griffin
12:45 am
Lightning Talks
8:00 am
Registration Opens
9:00 am
Welcome to the Commons: Collaboration in Action
9:20 am
Keynote: Baking AI Ethics into Your AI Infrastructure Today
9:50 am
Open Data Hub: Machine-Learning-As-A-Service Platform Deep Dive
10:20 am
Delivering On-Demand Analytics Environments for Data Scientists at Discover
10:45 am
Coffee Break
11:10 am
Deep Learning Workloads with NVIDIA GPUs on OpenShift
11:30 am
ML/AI and Operators Case Study: Databricks, Azure and Kubernetes
1:00 pm
Networking Lunch
2:00 pm
OpenShift and Machine Learning at ExxonMobil
2:30 pm
Big Fast SQL with Presto on OpenShift
3:00 pm
Coffee break
3:30 pm
3:55 pm
Panel: The Future and Ethics of AI - moderator Erin Boyd (Red Hat)
4:40 pm
AMA Panel - Red Hat Project Leads, PMs, Data Scientists & Engineers - moderated by Julio Tapia (Red Hat)
5:10 pm
Road Ahead for AI/ML on OpenShift Wrap-Up
5:30 pm
Evening Reception and Networking Event


October 28, 2019 | 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, California 94010 USA
San Francisco, California - co-located with ODSC/West