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Special Interest Group

DevSecOps Briefings

Red Hat's John Willis gives a brief introdcution to DevSecOps.

DecSecOps Principles

  • Customer Focused Mindset
  • Scale Security
  • Objective Criteria
  • Proactive Hunting
  • Continuous Detection and Response
About DevSeCops

DevSecOps is as much about operations as it is about development. This Special Interest Group is way for like-minded engineers to discuss and share information to aid in security on OpenShift.

Developers and Operations and Security need to work together. Security is evolving to incorporate more software development. Evolving together as a global community sharing solutions is the way forward. Find out more

DevSecOps practioners focus on how to incorporate Security within Agile and DevOps practices. To get us there, we need to have conversations around existing DevSecOps solutions and best practices. Join the Conversation