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Special Interest Group

OpenShift on IBM Cloud Commons Briefings

IBM's Sai Vennam gives a guided tour of OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

Topics Covered

  • How to leverage OpenShift tools and APIs for a single, consistent experience across hybrid environments or different cloud providers.
  • How to protect cluster infrastructure, isolate compute resources, encrypt data, and ensure security compliance.
  • How to quickly set up a CI/CD with Jenkins or deploy a variety of apps in a guided experience that's fully integrated into your OpenShift cluster.
  • How to use built-in services for monitoring, logging, load-balancing, storage, and security..
  • How to deploy and scale workloads with a managed master that is automatically spread across zones within a region for high availability.
About OpenShift on IBM Cloud

This Special Interest Group is for like-minded IT practitioners, engineers and developers to discuss and share information about deploying and maintaining OpenShift at scale on IBM Cloud.

Learn how to scaffold a web application, run it locally in a container, push the scaffolded code to a private Git repository and then deploy it to a Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster. Additionally, you will learn how expose the app on an OpenShift route, bind a custom domain, monitor the health of the environment, and scale the application. Find out more

OpenShift on IBM Cloud SIG focus is on sharing solutions and best practices for Day 1 Build/Day 2 Operations with OpenShift environments on IBM Cloud. To get us there, we need to collaborate and share use cases, so Join the Conversation today!