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At Twistlock, we’ve helped secure some of the world’s largest and earliest adopters of containers. Our customers span six continents and nearly every industry, but one thing we consistently see is that companies that run mission critical apps in containers are choosing OpenShift as their container platform of choice.

The combination of OpenShift's enterprise grade reliability, OpenShift Commons' active open source community and Red Hat's technical support makes OpenShift an especially good choice for the customers we work with in healthcare, financial services, and government. Not only does Twistlock have great support for OpenShift as a platform, but we are proud to have contributed security and authorizations to the OpenShift open source project.

John Morello, CTO, Twistlock

Enterprise CIOs consistently rank DevOps enablement as one of their highest priorities. With Openshift Commons, Red Hat has remained true to their opensource heritage and proven that Openshift enables open source application life-cycle Managerment in a powerful self-service DevOps enablement platform. Openshift aligns with the Cisco Intercloud vision of application-centric enablement and portability across public and private clouds. We're pleased to be contribute to the OpenShift Commons as it enables Cisco to collaborate directly with the entire OpenShift ecosystem.

Ken Owens, Chief Technical Officer, Cisco Cloud Services

OpenShift is critical to our business and the OpenShift Commons has given us a great opportunity to connect directly with other OpenShift ecosystem participants. GetUp has been involved with OpenShift for more than two years, built a company with this open source project and having the opportunity to collaborate and work with them has been a great experience. We believe OpenShift Commons is a great opportunity to work with other OpenShift members, a channel to get feedback and share knowledge and experiences about the market developments and new releases.

Diogo Goebel, CEO, GetUp Cloud

By participating in the OpenShift Commons, we are able to easily and proactively communicate with the community, to jointly build a powerful solution that can benefit all users. With both the openness of the virtual meetings and code on GitHub, we are able to commit resources to areas in which we have expertise, while liaising with other participants to prioritize the common goal — a stable, secure and fully open-source solution.

Dietmar Fauser, VP Architecture, Quality & Governance, Amadeus

OpenShift already provides robust choices for developers exploring enterprise and community PaaS. OpenShift Commons is a distinctive way of building a strong and open network of users, partners and open source community members that will help Red Hat add to OpenShift's maturity and drive future PaaS innovation while supporting customer adoption.

Larry Carvalho, PaaS Research Manager, IDC

The OpenShift user and partner ecosystems are incredibly vibrant, as are the open source technology communities that serve as the foundation for OpenShift and the rest of Red Hat’s product line. What we heard from customers,partners, and these communities is that they wanted a truly open community where all of these groups can intersect and help drive the future of PaaS innovation, and Red Hat is proud to facilitate development of a community to foster this broad industry collaboration.

Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager, OpenShift, Red Hat